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Tax-deductible donations strongly encouraged
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The Rotary Club is not handling intake. Intake is handled by varied governmental agencies throughout the Summit County. For questions regarding Adopt an Angel, please contact
2020 is the Summit Rotary Club’s first year of organizing this event, but the idea is the same as ever: altruistic citizens such as yourself purchase new clothing, books, toys, and games and deliver them to pick-up stations throughout the community. Please keep in mind that:
*Our target is children aged 0-17, with an emphasis on kids aged 8 or older.
*Please leave the tags on all clothing.
*The Adopt and Angel program serves many Latinx children. We encourage everyone to be mindful of cultural differences and the target audience's needs. Based on community feedback, pajamas and winter gloves are in high demand. Barbies, stuffed animals, and kits with English instructions are not.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to accept gently-used clothing or toys.

In fact, we're encouraging monetary donations owing to COVID, so if you’d like to help from the comfort of your home, all monetary donations are fully tax-deductible and will go towards filling in the gaps in our collections.
Tax-deductible donations can be made here.

You can also support our cause through the Shopping Extravaganza at the Silverthorne Outlets by naming The Rotary Club of Summit County at checkout. 

Drop Off Locations:
(All donations must be received by December 11th)

Visit Stork & Bear in Frisco and Receive a 10% Discount on all Adopt an Angel Purchases Or, Head to Joy of Sox in Breckenridge where they are Offering 20% Off Anything Donated In-Store!

This program will bring joy to over 400 children and their families and would not be possible without a vast network of supporters. The Rotary Club would like to thanks each of the companies and businesses named above. Also the Outlets at Silverthorne, the town of Silverthorne, the Red, White, and Blue Fire Department, Columbia Sportswear, and all of the individuals who contribute through gifts, money, time, and enthusiasm.
Gifts need to get sorted, so please do not wrap them before dropping them off. Donate wrapping paper and tape instead! We'll handle the rest.

Gift Ideas

  • Coats / Bibs / Snow Clothes
  • Diapers / Onesies / Fleece Swaddles
  • Developmental Toys 
  • Musical soft-sided blocks 
  • Stacking toys
  • Baby gyms 
  • Learn-to puzzles or books
  • Books in English and Spanish
  • Mobiles / Play mats
  • Coats / Bibs / Snow Clothes / Diapers
  • English and Spanish books
  • Developmental toys
  • Sensory blocks or objects
  • Bath toys
  • DUPLO interlocking lego blocks
  • Workbench
  • Play food
  • Magnetiles
  • Scooters / wagons / sleds
  • Toys with mazes and puzzles
Ages 3-5
  • Coats/ Bibs / Snow Clothes
  • Socks / PJs / Blankets
  • Fleece/ Boots/ Gloves
  • Books in English and Spanish
  • Sleds
  • Play-Doh
  • Transforming toys
  • Magnet boards
  • Play toolbox
  • Play food / kitchen
  • Art Supplies

Ages 6-12
  • Fleece / PJs / Boots
  • Bike helmets / Ski helmets
  • Sleds / Bikes / Scooters / Skateboards
  • Matchbox cars / Remote control cars
  • Swim goggles
  • Legos  
  • Board Games
  • Soccer balls / Basketballs
  • Books in English and Spanish
Ages 13-17
  • Gloves / Boots/ Fleece/ PJs
  • Wristlets (for phones that are also wallets)
  • Bikes / Scooters / Skateboards
  • Gift cards at gas stations, StarBucks, Target 
  • Basketballs /Soccer balls
  • Backpacks / Headphones
  • Purses / Skin Care / Nail Polish
  • Fanny Packs (Kotapaxi, Patagonia, etc)
  • Candles
  • BlueTooth Speakers
  • Blue Light Glasses 
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Spike Ball
  • Hammocks & straps
  • Can Jam 
  • Lanyards