Speaker Date Topic
Dan Hendershott Oct 17, 2023
Consumer Protection

Dan will talk about consumer protection for restaurants, childcare facilities, and schools.  You know that sticky black disgusting stuff behind your fridge or stove?  Just imagine.....do you want to become an consumer safety inspector?

Vincent Timpone Oct 24, 2023
Looking into our Brain

Dr. Timpone reviews medical scans of human brains.  We all have one!

Dan Mancuso Oct 31, 2023
Summit County Road & Bridge

Did you know there are regulations regarding resident responsibilities with regard to snowplows?  Grrrrr....!

DARK Nov 07, 2023
Election Day

Don't forget to vote!

Rob Miller Nov 14, 2023
Global Access 2030

Are you thirsty? Wait until you see the new advances in obtaining clean water for those in other countries around the world!  Maybe we can take a drink of water from the Snake River - I've seen moose drinking from it!  Can't be all that bad!

Stephanie Ralph Nov 21, 2023
What's Happening in Our Libraries

Our Summit County libraries have numerous programs to fit all age groups.  Do you belong to a book club?



Rich Hopkins Nov 28, 2023
The Language of Speaking

Some of you know Rich from Toastmasters.  He will inform us of ways to enrich our language skills when speaking to others.  Have you ever heard yourself speak?  Do you have lots of embarassing pauses?  I would like to get rid of the um's an uh's in my personal language skills.  

Dan Schroeder Dec 05, 2023
Forest Health

Dan is with the CSU Extension program and is an expert on forest health.  Ever wonder what's "bugging" our trees?  What is the ramifications of cutting or spraying with chemicals or just plain breathing the air around infected forests?

DG Jim Johnston Dec 19, 2023
Status of our District 5450
DARK Dec 26, 2023
Christmas Break

Get ready for the Holiday feasts!  I'm working on my sit-ups!

Cora Jackson Jan 02, 2024
Exchange Student - Spain

Cora will give a presentation on here experiences while in Spain as an Exchage Student.  Have you been to Madrid?  Or gone thru the Museo Nacional del Prado?

Marcy & Woody Jan 09, 2024
Saving Endangered Rhinos in South Africa - Horn Trimming to Prevent Poaching

What is it like to actually trim the horn of a huge rhinoceros?  What tool is used?  What is the poaching status of rhinos?  Find out from our own Woody & Marcy!

Jody Acres Jan 16, 2024
The American Red Cross

Jody is highly revered in the world of the Red Cross.  Living in Summit County allows her the opportunities to travel around the country into the heart of disaster aareas.  Have you suffered from a hurricane or tornado lately?

Dan Burnett Jan 23, 2024
Summit County Rescue Group

Dan is the "Rescue 11" Mission Coordinator who will regale us with rescue stories and hopefully bring the equipment used in rescue missions.  Have you ever been rescued from a life-threatening situation?

Neela & Martina Jan 30, 2024
Rotary Exchange Students

Our exchange students this year are Neela from Finland and Martina from Spain.  They will present their homeland and experiences to us.  Do you want to go to Finland?  What about Spain?

Stephanie Beste Feb 06, 2024
CMC Award Recipients

Find out what these exceptional people are going to do with their lives!

Lee Edwards Feb 13, 2024
History of Our Rotary Club

Lee will regale us with the history of our Club!  Maybe pictures, stories, and stuff.

No Meeting Feb 20, 2024

Winter Break!

Scott Price Feb 27, 2024
PFAS Forever Chemicals in Our Drinking Water

Hear about the dilution and treatment plant plans the EPA has set forth.

Bocas del Toro - Panama Mar 05, 2024
School Lunch Program (Zoom)

PAJAMA PARTY!  This meeting will be a Zoom meeting for all members.  Please wear your PJ's when you sign in!

Principal Jim Smith Mar 12, 2024
The Status of the Peaks School

Come see what the 's new at the Peaks School.

Jeff & Kate Mar 19, 2024
North London Mill Site - Alma CO

Check out the N. London Mill Site near Alma, Colorado.  NoLoColorado.org is trying to preserve and manage the historic buildings for backcountry recreation, education an d the arts and sciences.  Should be interesting!

Mary Ann Johnston Mar 26, 2024
Guatamala Literacy Update

Come see pictures and hear stories from those Rotarians who go to Guatamala with books!