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Grants and Awards to the Community in Frisco, Colorado

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Local youths learn about a local community garden which received a grant for the Rotary Club of Summit County.

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Rotary Club of Summit County

Local Grants Committee
Policies & Procedures for Rotary Local Grant Submittal



The objective of the Local Grants Committee is to encourage and foster the ideals of service above self as a basis of worthy enterprise. To promote this objective, the Rotary Club of Summit County will make donations and contributions to worthwhile causes, individuals and organizations.

General Policy

The Rotary Club of Summit County is a service Club committed to serving others. Donations and contributions will be made according to the following guidelines and within the limits of the Club’s budget and finances. As a part of the budgeting process the Board of Directors will determine the amount of funds available during the coming year for donations and contributions to worthy individuals and organizations.


Any organization or individual may request a monetary contribution. Rotary Local Grants are designed to benefit local residents and/or the community of Summit County. The following will be considered when evaluating the merits and amount of any contribution:

Contributions may be requested:

  • To support Summit County individuals and Summit County community projects only
  • For local educational programs
  • To assist locals in hardship and disaster cases
  • Based on local need
  • Based on the number of local individuals benefited
  • Based on benefit to our local community

Contributions will not be made to the following:

  • Governments- the beneficiary will be taken into consideration
  • Individuals without demonstrated need
  • Projects without long term benefit
  • Projects that provide only publicity to the Club
  • Political organizations
  • Organizations or individuals without a defined objective, purpose and/or goal

Request Evaluation:

Recommendations for funding will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Type of individual or organization
  • Need, project merits
  • Long term benefits 
  • Number of persons benefited
  • Other possible support
  • One time contributions vs on-going support
  • Past contributions to individuals or organizations (3 consecutive year limit)
  • Possibility of Rotary Participation
  • Reputation and stability of the requesting individual or organization
  • Rotary recognition


1 - 

Individuals or organizations wishing monetary contributions from the Club must submit all requests in writing following the guidelines set forth in the “Rotary Local Grants” criteria.

2 -

The Local Grants Committee will review the applications on a calendar quarter basis in March, June, September and December. Applications shall be submitted by the 1st day of the review month to be considered for funding.

3 -

The Local Grants Chairman will notify the individual or organization of the award or denial. If the request is approved, the Rotary Local Grants Committee will request a signed contract to ensure that the funding is used as stated in the application. 

4 -

Once the signed contract is received back to the Local Grants Chairman, the funds will be released.

The Local Grants Committee will comply with the above procedures, time frame and schedules. However, in the event that an applicant is unable to complete the application within the described time schedule, or far enough in advance of date the funds are needed; efforts will be made to expedite the application through the process.

Rotary Club of Summit County

Local Grant Application Format

Applications will be reviewed quarterly and shall be submitted on or before the 1st day of the March, June, September or December and at least 60 days prior to date the funds required. Exceptions will be considered for time sensitive requests. Decisions on applications for funding will be made by the Committee and returned to the applicant in writing.

Please include the following information as your application:

Name of Project:
Organization or individual requesting funds:
Contact person:
Phone number(s)
E-mail address:
Brief description of project:
Who and how many people will benefit:
Time frame for project and completion:
Total cost of project:
Amount requested from Rotary:
Other sources of funding:
If possible, how do you plan to provide feedback to the Rotary Club:
Possible recognition and benefit to the Rotary Club of Summit County:

All donations must be consistent with the following Rotary Club 4-way test:

1) Is it the truth?

2) Is it fair to all concerned?
3) Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Please submit applications to:

Susan Juergensmeier

PO Box 1607
Dillon, CO 80435-1607

If questions please email:

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