Shelter Box Project

Twelve years ago, a Rotarian spotted a gap in aid provision follwing natural disasters. While food and medicine were immediately delivered, little to no assistance went directly to sheltering survivors and helping them through the first few days, weeks and months as they struggled to rebuild their lives. Shelter Box was launched to fill that void, providing shelter, warmth, and (in effect) dignity to disaster survivors around the world.  

 Places in the world where Shelter Box has worked.

Since 2000, Shelter Box has responded to more than 170 disasters in over 70 countries, delivering more than 120,000 boxes and sheltered more than a million people.

 Shelter box was there in Pakistan

A Shelter Box provides a tent for a family of up to 10 people, a stove, cooking and eating utensils, tools, a water purification system, bedding, protective materials such as state of the art mosquito netting and a pack of children’s books, pencils and crayons.

Shelter box volunteers bringing relief.