Guatemala Literacy Project


Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) is an initiative to provide greatly needed textbooks, teacher training, and computer centers to underprivileged children in Guatemala. It’s not just about giving books away. It’s about empowering the local people to take charge of their future.  The idea that Rotary buys the first set of textbooks, then the parents buy the next, is a perfect model of a sustainable and community-driven Rotary project. 



The GLP programs have been introduced to over 220 impoverished rural communities.  There are over 25,000 students using textbooks at 185 schools.  The GLP has also founded 54 self-funding computer centers, 25 literacy programs, and 49 school libraries, and a whopping 96% of schools that have had a Textbook Program for more than five years have renewed their books through the established revolving fund. 



Won’t you join us in Guatemala next year?

The Rotary Club of Summit County is proud to be the Global Grant Sponsor for the GLP in 2015. If you are passionate about providing quality education for children in developing nations, please consider making a tax deductible donation to this project.